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Balloon Rocket

Hey There,

Today We Are Going To Be Building A Balloon Rocket.

Let's Get Started,

or this experiment you are going to need:-

- 1 Balloon

- 1 Large Piece Of String

- 1 Straw

- Tape


Step 1:- Blow Up The Balloon

Step 2:- Cut the straw into a small piece

Step 3:- Attach the straw to the balloon with piece of tape

( Close The End Of The Balloon With A Clip)

Step 4:- Take A Large Piece Of String And Hang From Both Ends Of The Room

Step 5:- Release The Clip From the end of the balloon and watch as the balloon flies across the room!

Alright, so let's discuss the principle behind this.

Ok, so this balloon eperiment outlines the third law of newton

If you're unsure about what that is, don't worry I'll explain

To put simply, Newton's 3rd law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Let's say you punch a table with some force, newton's law states that the table exerts that same amount of force on you.

Similarly, when the balloon is released, the trapped air inside the balloon comes out of one end and exerts a force in the opposite direction.

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