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Balloon Slingshot Experiment

Hey There!

In this post we are going to be looking at a very fun experiment to decode the mysteries of kinetic energy.

But before we do that let's do the experiment!!!

Alright So For This Experiment You Are Going To Need:-

* 1 Plastic Water Bottle

* 1 Rubber Balloon

* 2 Rubber Bands

* Some Paper


Step 1:- Take A Water Bottle And Cut The Neck Of The Bottle With A Pair Of Scissors ( take the help of an adult if necessary)

Step 2:- Carefully Cut A Balloon In Half Horizontally

Step 3:- Tie It In Place Using A Rubber Band

Step 4:- Take A Small Piece Of Paper And Make A Paper Ball To Shoot



(Ignore If You Are Familiar With The Concept Of Energy)

This Experiment Deals With Concepts Related To Energy, If That's Unfamiliar To You, Dont Worry. I will explain it in simple terms here.

Alright so,

The textbook definition for energy is :- " Energy is the ability to do work"

Now That's A Pretty Simple Definition, But What does it actually mean, well lets take a look shall we?

Think About It As A Currency.

In A Way, You are paying with energy in return of the ability to work.

"The more work you do, the more you have to pay."

This currency, similar to other currencies, comes in a variety of forms.

Different Activities Require Different Types Of Energy.

There are a few types of this "currency"

But for the purposes of this post, i will discuss about only 2 of them

Kinetic And Elastic

Think about kinetic energy as the energy all moving bodies have to pay to move with a certain velocity.

Similarly, think about elastic potential energy as the currency that all elastic materials have to pay to vibrate.

This is quite an over simplification of events but it will suffice for now.



Alright So Now That The Experiment Is Done, Let's Take A Moment To Address The Principles At Play.

(Junior Students Can Read About The Concept Only, Without The Formulas)

(Senior Students Can Read On About The Formulas As Well)

Alright So,

As We've Discussed In A Previous Post Of Mine,

Elastic Materials Store Energy.

This Energy Allows Them To Do Work, Balloons Also Store This Energy.

This Energy Can Be Converted Into Various Types Of Energy.

This Highlights A Very Fundamental Law Of Our Universe, Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed, It Only Changes Form.

This Law Is More Commonly Known As The Law Of Conservation Of Energy.

In This Case,

Elastic Potential Energy Is Being Converted Into Kinetic Energy.

If you're unfamiliar about what kinetic energy is, dont worry i'll explain.

To put simply, kinetic energy is the energy in play when objects are moving. That's what kinetic energy is. (Physics isn't that difficult is it?)

Anyways, when this energy gets converted, the body is put in motion!

(senior students reading guide)

The Formula For Kinetic Energy Is : 1/2 X M X V^2

One Half Times The Mass Of The Object Times The Square Of The Velocity It's Moving At.

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