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Basic Hydraulic Pump

Hey there,

today we are going to be taking a look at the basic hydraulic pump.

For this you are going to need

-2 medical syringes (very easily available at medical store)

-1 aquarium pipe about 4mm in diameter


Step 1:- Fill one of the syringes with water

Step 2:- Take both the syringes and connect them to either sides of the tube.

Step 3:- Push the pump on one of the syringes and watch as the other syringe gets pushed.

Alright, now let's talk about the scientific principle behind this.

Before I start, i wanna address the fact that hydraulics is a chapter which is vast and is extremely technical.

It has many interlinked concepts which I'm not going to be going into today.

Today i wanna focus on one key theory of hydraulics.

Hydraulics states that the work that goes into moving an arm is the same amount of work that goes out of the arm. ( Confused about what that means? don't worry)

Let's first discuss the concept of work, work is defined as the energy required to move an object from one place to another.

Whenever you push a suitcase, throw a ball or even play cricket, you are doing work.

The formula for work is - Work = Force X Displacement

Displacement is defined as the shortest distance of an object from it's original point.

For hydraulics the equation is a little something like this

F1 X D1 = F2 X D2

F1 refers to the force going into the system

D1 refers to the displacement of the arm when it goes inside

F2 refers to the force going out of the system

D2 refers to the displacement of the arm moving out

Let us see this in action with the help of a problem

Let us say that syringe 1 is pushed with a force of 100 Newtons

It moves 10 meters

Syringe 2 moves 20 meters outwards, find the force

Simply substitute the value into the equation.

F1 = 100 Newtons

D1 = 10 Meters

F2 = ?

D2 = 20 Meters

100 X 10 = D2 X 20

D2 = 1000 / 20

D2 = 50 Meters

Thank you for reading this post!! New posts coming out every week!

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