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Rubber Band Minigun

I think we've all played with a rubber band minigun at some point in our lives. However, did you know that this simple toy can teach us such a crucial concept in physics?

lets dive in!

For this experiment you will need:-

2 pencils

5 rubber bands

1 cloth clip

1 pair of scissors

Step 1:- Take 2 pencils and tie them up using two of the rubber bands

Step 2:- Once tied, Use 2 more rubber bands to tie a cloth clip in place

Step 3:- Using a pair of scissors or a knife, cut a small indent into the pencils

Step 4:-Thread a rubber band around the grooves we created and then clip it in and then you're done! ( use this to shoot objects or an annoying sibling)

Lets learn about the science behind this!

Alright so, the reason rubber bands or any elastic material (stretchable) fly out when stretched all boils down to the concept of potential energy.

If you're unfamiliar with what potential energy is, let me give you a brief description.

To put it simply, potential energy is energy that an object has due to its position.

There are a few different types of potential energy, but for today i am going to talk about elastic potential energy.

Whenever an elastic body is stretched, it automatically stores potential energy.

When it is released, all this energy gets converted into motion which is why it flies out.

You may also have noticed that the farther you stretch the band, the farther it goes.

This allows us to establish a relationship between the rubber bands stretching length

and the potential energy it stores.

This is the basic concept of potential energy!

For those of you wondering, the formula for this is PE = 1/2 * k * x^2

k = Spring Constant (It is a value which is different for all rubber bands)

x = The length a rubber band is stretched to

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