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Fluid Pressure Made Easy

Hey Guys,

So for todays experiment i have made a small demostration of fluid pressure uing things at home.

For this experiment you will need,

- A Small Plate or tray to catch the spill

- A Plastic Bottle

- A Compass

Thats it! Simple? Isn't it?


-Take a plastic bottle

-Poke 3 holes on the side of the bottle with a compass, each hole should be higher than the previous one, Make sure to make these all in a line.

-Fill the entire bottle with water and look at the results

Alright, so let's discuss why this happens.

As we all know, any fluid applies pressure on any object present in it.

If you've ever gone swimming, you know that as you go deeper the force of the water above you increases.

Why does this hapen?

Well, you see, water is quite heavy. As we go deeper and deeper, the amount of water above us increases, which in turn means that the weight of that increases (Weight is proportional to the volume of water).

Similarly, there is another property of fluids, this principle of pressure also applies to the sides of whatever container it is in.

Fluid apply presure on the walls of the container, and that pressure increases with an increase in depth.

In this experiment, I have used three different holes at different heights.

Once filled with water, you can clearly see that the water stream in the 3rd hole goes the farthest, thats because it is situated at the deepest point and is experiencing the greatest pressure.

The other water streams dont go as far because they experience much lesser pressure due to the fact that they are placed much higher than the other holes.

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